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High-performance Filter Press For Any Industry

High-performance Filter Press For Any Industry

High performance and quality-made Dewatering Process For Any Industry….!!

Filter process is modern technology-based filtration equipment widely used in a wide range of industries to eliminate impurities and separate solids from the liquid and suspended solids from different industrial wastewater.

This modern technology-based dewatering process is used in a wide range of industries for a higher level of purity in products.

Here at Soltech Pumps & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. we are known for engineering a wide range of best-in-class and high-performance filter presses.

Being one of the leading Filter Press Manufacturers in Delhi and India, we are committed to providing custom-built Industrial filter presses, chemical pumps, and valves that meet various industrial requirements.

With the deep expertise of our team and the capacity to design any quantity while meeting strict delivery timelines, we focus on modern technology-based filter presses mainly Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic Filter Presses that meet every unique requirement and budget.

High-Quality Filteration For Best In Class Products

We Manufacture Premium Quality Filter Presses Customised To Your Diverse Requirement…!!

No matter the industry, we have a wide range of premium quality and best-in-class Filter presses and Dewatering systems for specific requirements in different industries.

As one of the most eminent Filter Press Manufacturers in India, we at Soltech Pumps & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. strive to focus on modern technology and development which satisfy the latest innovation of our clients throughout India.

Since the year of establishment, we have been supplying a wide variety of quality-made filter press dewatering systems at very economical prices and assure you:-

  • Modern technology-based dewatering system
  • Enable transfer of a wide range of fluids
  • High energy efficiency
  • Zero pulsing flow which ensures smooth and fast flow of filter presses
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Versatile and durable
  • Diverse range of Application versatility

Why Soltech Pumps & Equipment Pvt. Ltd?

Counted among the best-rated Filter Press Suppliers In India, our team of dedicated professionals has an understanding and in-depth knowledge of construction requirements from handling pressure to dealing with various temperatures and environmental conditions. It satisfied your unique industrial dewatering system needs.

As an Indian filter press manufacturing company, we are experts in designing quality products within budget with no compromise to quality.

  • Fully customisable Filter Press Dewatering System for any industry
  • Our team has the capacity to manufacture any quantity of our premium filter presses 
  • High-performance products
  • We engineer a broad range of quality Filter press that best fits your diverse requirement
  • Rapid prototyping of our wide variety of products

We are also renowned for our industrial valves and pumps widely utilised in a broad range of industries with fully customisable options that match your diverse requirement.

Whether you are looking industrial valve manufacturer or Industrial Motor Manufacturer in India, we are India’s one of the most prominent companies to trust.

Have some doubts about our premium quality Filter presses and their prices? We are your team to assist you!

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