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Semi Automatic Filter Press

Semi Automatic Filter Press

Semi Automatic Filter Press  High-Performance Filtration Designed For Your Industry

Soltech Pumps & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of a wide range of world-class Filter presses to meet all industrial dewatering system requirements - renowned for our best-selling Semi Automatic Filter Press. As one of the most eminent Semi Automatic Filter Press Manufacturer In Delhi and India, we design and manufacture highly durable and high-performance Filter press dewatering systems.

With cutting-edge modern tools and decades of experience in aspects of solid/liquid separation, we ensure our automatic filter press satisfies all the requirements of various Industries.

Why Turn To Our Premium Semi Automatic Filter Press?

Counted among the top-rated Semi Automatic Filter Press Suppliers In India, we design semi-automatic filter presses based on two-hand operation and modern technology for a rapid separation process in any application.


We engineer a completely customised Semi Automatic Filter Press in India for your specific application and focus on high-performance dewatering Systems to satisfy your latest innovation.

  • Based on Rapid prototyping and Modern Technology of dewatering system
  • Rapid separation time to improve product efficiency
  • Ensures Safety and High-performance
  • Highly durable and Cost-effective
  • Space-efficient design and architecture
  • The two-hand operation required complete safety options


Most Eminent Filter Press Dewatering System In India - Dewatering System

Being one of the top-rated Semi Automatic Filter Press Exporters in India, we have supplied millions of premium Filter presses throughout India.

To ensure our premium Filter Press Dewatering system provides a long product lifecycle and meets all the industrial requirements, Our dedicated engineers have an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing needs such as temperature, construction and environmental conditions.

  • Personalized Filter Press to suit any application or industry
  • Our engineers have the capacity to engineer any quantity of world-class Filter press
  • We ensure delivery in a short span without sacrificing the quality of the dewatering system
  • High-performance and designed using top-notch quality material
  • Our team offer a broad range of quality Filter press
  • Extensive quality checks and rapid prototyping of Filter press
Checkout Of Complete Range Filter Press Dewatering System For Any Application

No matter application or Industry, we have a comprehensive range of customized Filter Press Dewatering systems for a specific process in different Industries.


As a highly-rated Semi Automatic Filter Press Manufacturer in Delhi, we strive to focus on technology and development to satisfy the latest innovation of our millions of clients across India. With personalized and highly durable Filter presses, we have been delivering our exclusive range of Filter press since 2004. When you require high-performance and cost-efficient solutions for the automatic filter press and dewatering process, we are one of the most trusted Fully Automatic Filter Press Manufacturers In India to trust.


For personalized Filter Presses, you can speak to us so that we can design an ideal dewatering machine for your application. Feel Free to talk to us personally to discuss your Filter press requirement with one of our engineers, our team look forward to assisting you. For further information, You can request us a query or call us directly to talk to one of the engineers right away!

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